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Super Absorbent Polymers
Super Absorbent Polymers

Super Absorbent Polymers




White brown granular

Particle size 

0.3mm max



Active ingredient

100 %

Moisture content  

<10 %

Approximate bulk density (g/cm3)




Usable pH range   



Insoluble in water    


Maximal absorption (in weight of retained water /weight of dry product)

I n Deionized water  

300-500g/g max

In Water with 0.9% of NaCl

80g/g max

In the soil

150 - 250

Time to reach 60% of max. (minutes)




Stability of swollen product in sandy

soil (years)



Hole spraying

40-70 pound/acre    

Root dipping

1 kg/150 liters of water  1100


70 pound/acre     

l        Rates vary accordingly to the conditions of the soils, cropsand water supplies (rainfall or irrigation, quantities and frequencies).



Storage temperature (°C)


Shelf life (years)


Multiwall polythene Bags

25 kg


500 & 750 kg

Other dimensions

On request

Store in a dry place

Absorbent agent(water-retaining agent), also known as soil moisture, fertilizer storage with pharmaceutical or micro-reservoirs, is a unique three-dimensional network structure of organic polymers. Its essence is the carrier of water, is to provide water for the plant: soil applied encountered after the flow of water can quickly absorb and retain, a solid-state flow of water without evaporation percolation loss is not more than 90% for plants using . Maintain long-term local and humidity, when the slow-release droughts for plant use. With repeated suction, water reversible, and effective measures in a 2-5. It is specific to water, water storage, water performance, to improve the ecological environment, and wind and sand fixation project decided to play a role in the success or failure. Because of its good air permeability, water permeability, thermal insulation, and can effectively improve the soil, improve seed germination rate, germination rate and seedling survival; it with pesticide, fertilizer mixing the use of fertilizer to enhance efficacy. Widely used in treatment of desertification, agriculture, forestry, cultivation of crops, horticulture and other fields. Drought is one of the world recognized as the most effective micro-moisture irrigation water supplies, can save a lot of shortage of irrigation water and conservation inputs.
The agent is an expert known as the fourth revolution in farming the only product of its notable performance in the Ministry of Agriculture promulgated the "focus on the promotion of the farming technique" has been classified as "sustainable development of technology" in the first 1. State Ministry of Water Resources, State Forestry Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture, as well as the three ministries have been devoted to the promotion of this material is issued. Its application for the afforestation sand sandy areas, develop water-saving agriculture to provide protection, becoming the new rural economic development, green mountains and rivers, improve the ecological environment for the benefit of the people of the product can not be replaced
1. Principle:
    The ionizing agent is a carboxyl group of the structure of super absorbent organic molecules, molecules to form cross-linked polymer network structure, which contains strong hydrophilic group, through its three-dimensional network structure within the outer molecular electrolyte ion concentration osmotic pressure generated by water has a strong association with water ---- When the environment has storage for a long time to absorb it, change the flow of water to solid water; slow the release of environmental water is low moisture.
2. Water retention:
   adsorbed rapid water 300-500 times, and has long-term storage. Its water retention capacity for the 13-14kg / c ㎡, so do not keep the water does not flow evaporation percolation loss, physical pressure against the outside world, and will not be a general squeezed out of the physical methods; and the general ability of plant roots to the water 16-17kg / cm 2, so measures of soil in the root of the slow after the 90 days for plant utilization; with super-strong force of moisture.
3. A long-term nature: 
      The agent is a graft polymer ternary absorbent, it is not easy to be around the environment by microbial degradation of destruction, able to maintain long-term three-dimensional structure; as long as there is adequate irrigation and rainfall conditions, water can be a long, tree-planting silviculture is valid up to 3-5 years. 
 4. Absorptivity, reversible water release: 
      When water contains a lot of the surrounding environment may be sub-suction water to saturation; drought when the surrounding environment, with storage of water will be released for plant use. Water and the water so repeatedly, only a few irrigation or rainfall, at any time effect. Watering frequency can be reduced more than 10       times. Than any other method of drip irrigation and are less water.
5. The effectiveness of multiplicity: 
      ① mix of: a good mix, and with soil, sand, manure, pesticides, fertilizers, such as a good mix of both, not with the occurrence of adverse reactions of these substances. Mix with the fertilizer application could be a drug release agent, not only improve the efficacy of fat and water balance, fertilization, the effect of administration of the triple. ② soil: water-absorbent particles because of their release after the water swelling and shrinking of clay can increase the permeability and water holding capacity of sandy soil. ③ balanced supply: outright cancellation of the result of a long drought caused by heavy rains burst melon fruit cracking phenomenon. 
 6. Use: road slope protection, rock slope, lawn turf, landscape and greening, planting trees, fruit trees gardening, soilless set pui, roof greening, tree transplanting, rooting cuttings, water-based young, flowers, bonsai, urban Green, Green Road railway protection, arid land of sand and other agricultural crops and cash crops.

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