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Z-9-tricosene Muscalure

1)  Muscalure 96% for Housefly Sex Attractant
2)  CAS No:27519-02-4
3) Professional factory,competitive price and reliable quality

Product Name:               Cis-9-Tricosene

Other Name:                   Muscamone/Muscalure/Housefly attractant, Z-9 Tricosene

Product Category:           Insect attractant

 Component(s):               Cis-9-Tricosene

Content:t:                          >96%(Cis: 86% min)

CAS Number:                 27519-02-4              

Chemical Formula:          C23H46

Formula Weight:              322.6

Product Appearance: 

        Form:                          Liquid

        Appearance:                Clear

        Color:                         Colorless to amber oil

PH:                             4.0-6.0

Information on changes in the physical state

        Density:                       0.807g/cm3

        Solubility:                   Insoluble in water, soluble in most organic solvents.


This product will be 0.5~2‰ added directly to the bait,bait and sticky glue boards of accessories,the full mix well.

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