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COMMON NAME:Bendiocarb               

IUPAC2,2-dimethyl-1,3-benzodioxol-4-yl methylcarbamate

CAS2,2-dimethyl-1,3-benzodioxol-4-yl methylcarbamate

CAS NO.22781-23-3


STRUCTUREStructural formula of bendiocarb

Standard93-98% Tech,80%WP (accord with WHO specification),20%WP
Packing Tech:25kg fibre drum;Formulation:15g or 62.5g or 125g water soluble bag,packed into Alum foil bag,then carton or drum.
Bendiocarb is produced by us in 2009,and it accord with WHO specifications,now we are only manufacturer of bendiocarb in China,now we can produce 300MT bendiocarb every year, we export to Europe and Africa and Middle East and South America, our quality obtained the customer consistent high praise and recognition.

Bendiocarb 80% WP-SB is one of public health insecticides recommended by International Organization,it is on the

list of indoor residual sprays (IRS) that meet GF QA requirements for use against malaria vector.

UsageBendiocarb is a carbamate insecticide. It is effective against a wide range of nuisance and disease vector insects. It is used to control mosquitoes, flies, wasps, ants, fleas, cockroaches, silverfish, ticks and other pests in homes, industrial plants, and food storage sites. In agriculture it is used against a variety of insects, especially those in the soil. Bendiocarb is also used as a seed treatment on sugar beets and maize and against snails and slugs. 

Ants Spray in and around nest, runs and forage areas.

Fleas Spray floor surfaces likely to be infested including sleeping areas of dogs and cats but NOT of the animals or bedding

Spiders,silverfish: Spray around all doors and windows and places where these pests enter the premises and wherever they are found.

Mosquitos Spray around doors, windows and screens and other places where mosquitoes may enter the pre-mises.Mosquitoes coming to rest on treated surfaces will be killed. Repeat treatment when effectiveness diminishes

Dose 15g bendiocarb 80%WP per 5L water, 5 litres of spray covers approximately 125 m2